“We have achieved a 64% growth in income in our practice over this last year …. with Brian's guidance and support I have never been more positive about the future of my practice and have a plan to truly get to where I want to g.”

Bill Kenoyer
CEO and President
Kenoyer Financial Services

"Brian Newport has truly been an immense support and key contributor to our team’s success. His individual sessions for key leadership and management in helping them identify strength and key areas for personal development has saved me countless hours of time. Additionally his team’s facilitation of off-site intensives focused around team development have produced some key breakthroughs and strengthened our team’s ability to make effective decisions and increased productively. His insights and ability to listen, coach and direct individuals to new levels of performance and personal responsibility have contributed to new levels of focus and team productivity, resulting in bottom line increases and a more cohesive team."

Mike Mendoza
VP of Operations
Stanislaus Food Products

“Brian has helped me get the focus, direction, and provided the accountability that has allowed me to take my business to the next level. He has helped me think outside the box to create further synergies with businesses in our community, thus creating higher than average new customer acquisitions – the life blood of any growing business. Brian has also helped my entire staff set and reach goals, realize their potential thus furthering their pursuits within our business. With a sales increase of over 20%, and me having to work in the business 2 days less a week, I am now pursuing new business ventures and spending more time with my family."

Tony Vice
CEO and President
FleetFeet Sports, Stockton CA

"Awesome - We grew our gross margins by 43% this year. Working with my Business Coach has taught me how to truly know my business and how to run it effectively, focusing on test and measuring and my margins. Invaluable as well has been the coaching on my leadership and team development and empowerment. Thank you Brian.”

Lawrence Borgens
CEO and President
Delta Protective Services

“Brian helped my partner and I navigate some tough team challenges ultimately creating a solid and well performing team. He also provided invaluable guidance as we transitioned the practice. His insights and holding us accountable to take the right steps at the right time has been invaluable. His consulting has truly helped us transition successfully.”

Greg Black, PT
Director of PT Services
Stockton CA

 "The Newport Consulting Group has been very effective in helping get my medical practice operating effectively and efficiently. My team is more motivated than ever, which allows me to serve my patients well. I would highly recommend him!"

Dr. Ramin Manshadi, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FAHA
CEO and President
Manshadi Heart Institute, Inc.

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