Organizational Assessment

The Organizational assessment tool that is administered to the entire organization at the beginning of the consulting process. It is based on the premise that organizational effectiveness is a function of two factors: Performance and Motivation. The best organizations value both factors equally and are proactive about driving them together. Achieving high performance without a motivated workforce will lead to burn-out, turnover, and morale issues that eventually impact the bottom line. Conversely, a motivated workforce that is not performing well may lack critical capabilities and cannot survive.

The score will provide a view into the current strength of the organization’s human capital and identify the areas of untapped potential. This provides a baseline for the company to begin the design, planning and development of a high performing culture.

Unlike traditional employee surveys that tend to focus on indicators that drive satisfaction alone, our Assessment takes a holistic and simultaneously quantifiable view of the inner workings of company culture. Rather than employ results that offer remedial solutions and do not impact performance directly, the Assessment provides the foundation for our System, which in turn offers lasting return.

Results and Outputs:

  • To ensure the successful development and sustainability of a high performing culture

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