Hiring and Process Optimization

Faster, better, cheaper! This is the mantra of business in the 21st century. 

Ask any CEO, and they will tell you that finding ways to get things done in less time, with increased quality, and for less money, has become the new strategy for survival. They know this because the free market dictates an ever-higher performance bar than anyone has ever seen. Faster, better, cheaper ultimately translates into speed, innovation, quality, and operational excellence, and what this means for businesses and their workforce is constant and ever-accelerating Change!

Indeed, in today’s global economy, the only way to realize increased speed, market-driven innovation, improved quality, and operational excellence is not through Managing Change; rather, it is by Leading Change. This seemingly minor distinction represents the difference between being forced to react and respond to forces (change) that are imposed versus intentionally initiating change in order to increase the likelihood of leading a business in the desired direction.

Our Four-Phase Change Model teaches Managers and Leaders the principles and key components of successfully planning, implementing, and sustaining change activities.

The Four Phases include:

  • Phase One: Preparing to Lead the Change
  • Phase Two: Designing the Desired State
  • Phase Three: Implementing the Change
  • Phase Four: Integrating the Change

While not every change activity a company launches requires all phases of the Model, any Phase can be used to facilitate the successful navigation of the issues and considerations in that part of the change process.


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